Primordial's mission is medium to long term investing (3 years+) in innovative
companies. Our goal is to invest in companies for the following traits:

  • Innovative
  • High Growth
  • 3+ Years for ROI
  • Follows Our Principles

We will be investing in the long term, so we are not focused on day to day stock
swings. We find companies to hold on to for a while. To achieve this mission, we
are interested in long-term trends of where we think the world is going.

Our decision criteria will use both data and qualitative models. While we are
investing for the long term, we may have to capture the short-term fluctuations
because of capital limitations. We do not have unlimited money, so we will
attempt to optimize the capital we have with the market's movements.


Our focus will be on three primary mechanisms for investing:

  • Equities
  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • Crypto

These three markets are where we will entirely focus our energy as these are
what we understand and where we can maximize our capital. Everything else will
be out of the picture.